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Top 4 Jobs for Career Changers in 2022

Gone are the days when everyone was expected to work at the same company until they retired. People are realizing every day that there are better opportunities for them to be the best selves in the workforce, and they're branching out into new turf.

What's more, modern times have created a whole host of new jobs that workers can get involved in, and there are certain to be something for everyone. Are you looking to change your career? Joining the wave of career changers is a big first step in defining who you are, but with so many choices, you'll want to make sure you find the one that works best for you. Read on to learn about some of the best jobs to change to in 2022!

1. Accountant

The business world is booming, and the most popular job in the industry is accounting. All jobs no matter what sector they work in need someone to keep track of their finances. As an accountant, you would be responsible for the financial success of a business. This is a great job for those who love working with numbers!

2. Registered Nurse

Nurses have always been in high demand, but with the pandemic still in swing, they are more desired than ever in modern times. Being a registered nurse (RN) means you'll be able to directly take care of patients by checking their condition, and giving treatments when needed.

If you love working with people and helping them heal, consider becoming an RN!

3. Web Developer

You've undoubtedly heard the saying "If your business doesn't have a webpage, it doesn't exist." By being a web developer, you can help put rising businesses on the internet.

Web developers can design a webpage from the ground up. They work closely with clients to create the proper site and generate a final result that can draw in customers and build their virtual presence.

What's more, many web developer jobs can be done remotely, meaning you can take your job with you and get new clients anytime.

4. Graphic Designer

Today's world is full of companies that need someone to make their branding look amazing. As a graphic designer, your job would be to use logos and images to create some incredible designs to attract the world to the doorsteps of these businesses.

While many think that you need to be artistically inclined to do good in this field, modern technology allows anyone to get involved. Look into this field if you'd like to start getting paid through creativity!

We're Here for Career Changers Like You

Now that you have a few ideas as to what jobs are out there, you'll be ready to join other career changers in making the next move to a better life. That said, it's not uncommon for jobs outside of your current sphere to require a certificate showing you can work in that industry. Luckily, Scarborough has you covered.

Scarborough's Academy of Learning Career College specializes in teaching people like you about the tools needed to work your desired position. From accounting to business, and even IT and healthcare, we can show you everything you need to succeed in your life's next steps.

Please feel free to look around our site to learn more about us, or reach out to us to start learning today. Let's work together to manifest your dreams!


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