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Update concerning COVID-19: Temporary Distance Learning courses available until circumstances permit. Get in touch to find out more.

About Academy of Learning®

The secret of our students’ success comes from training with AOLCC Scarborough’s exclusive Integrated Learning™ System. The Integrated Learning™ System has helped our graduates successfully complete over one million training courses. Our mission is to improve the lives of under-served students and the communities in which they live. Globally, our flexible, supportive environment empowers dedicated students to achieve their goals. We promise to meet all your unique training needs. Demonstrate a genuine concern for your career success. Improve your productivity and marketability. Provide a high-quality learning experience. Excel in the delivery of superior career, business and computer skills training. Provide a warm and friendly learning environment. Employ caring, professional and knowledgeable staff.

What Is Integrated Learning™ System (ILS)?

Right from the beginning, Academy of Learning® has used the Integrated Learning™ System – a self-directed, multisensory learning experience – as its primary method of delivery. Rather than encouraging students to passively absorb skills and knowledge, ILS puts them in the driver’s seat of their learning experience. Students read, write, listen, practice, discuss, and create their way to achieving course outcomes. In addition, trained learning coaches provide personalized, just-in-time support and help learners master course content, discover effective study habits, manage test anxiety, and hone the professional skills they’ll need to succeed in the workplace. Some of the features of ILS include:

  • S.M.A.R.T Learning at Academy of Learning®: It’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t have a destination already in mind. That’s why each AOLCC Scarborough course starts by showing you a map of where you’re going and what you will achieve. You’ll truly know how far you’ve come by seeing yourself conquer one Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-sensitive (SMART) goal after another!

  • Utilize Every Corner of Your Brain: Tired of taking courses where all you do is passively turn the page? We are, too! That’s why our ILS courses are created to maximize interaction, engage, and inspire. Through interaction with media, workbooks, and practical exercises, ILS courses actively involve students in their learning and motivate them to go further.

  • Achieve the Best Learning Results: ILS courses are filled with authentic exercises and tasks where you’ll apply what you’ve learned – just like you would in the workplace when you start your new career. Through ILS, you’ll gain the practical experience you need now rather than during your first few months on the job.

What Makes ILS Great?

See the points below to find out what makes the Integrated Learning™ System great:

  • Study the Way You Learn Best: ILS meets you where you are and supports you whether you are a visual, auditory, read/write, or kinesthetic learner.

  • Build Your Skill One Step at a Time: ILS uses a building block approach and helps you develop your skills step by step.

  • Boost Your Self-confidence: There is nothing more inspiring than seeing yourself successfully apply what you’ve learned and executed tasks with ease!

  • Get You Job-ready: Authentic, hands-on practice activities are built into each course and give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned.

  • Personalized, One-on-One Support: Your on-campus learning coach will support you every step of the way and give you the just-in-time assistance you need to succeed in your course.

  • Take Charge of Your Own Learning: The ILS invites you to discover your strengths and areas of growth as a learner, as well as how to advocate for what you need to learn best.

  • Strengthen Your Time-management Skills: Working with ILS will strengthen your time management skills and help you take charge of your own learning and progress.

  • Learn Like a Pro: In today’s competitive workplace, it is not enough to simply know things. ILS helps you learn how to learn, not just what to learn.

  • Build Your Technical Skills: With every ILS course you complete, you will become a more confident user of various software programs, applications, and media.

“We believe in Honest, Creative & Flexible Education.”

Academy of Learning: History

Founded as a franchise system in 1987, Academy of Learning® originally specialized in computer and business skills training for adult learners, based on the Integrated Learning™ System (ILSTM). This system is unique to Canada and offers a method of learning whereby course materials and instruction provide an all-encompassing learning experience using multi-sensory learning styles and preferences through student workbooks, media presentations and hands-on exercises. These learning styles are supported by an on-site qualified Campus Facilitator. ILS is exclusive to Academy of Learning®.


Beginning in the 1990s, some Academy of Learning® campuses also offer lesson content delivered to students in a vibrant, interactive classroom community. These courses follow the traditional delivery of content by an Instructor, based on daily standardized lesson plans that consist of an approved curriculum. When using this method of delivery, the instructor engages the class, provides individual coaching to help students gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, actively monitors their progress, and is ready to address their questions and concerns.


In more recent years, Academy of Learning® adopted “e-learning” technology as an extension of the Integrated Learning™ System. Students complete course materials presented within a comprehensive Academy Online System. This system incorporates online presentations, tutorials and media that combine with access to instructional materials, simulated labs, exercises, as well as quizzes, review questions, or pre- and post-tests. In this delivery method, students are supported by a qualified online instructor or an on-site qualified campus facilitator.

Additionally, Academy of Learning® has continued meeting adult learners’ changing needs by leveraging technology to offer an innovative method of learning – virtual learning. Students have the opportunity to learn and participate in a Virtual Classroom and participate in a live session with their instructor every day. Students also master the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their future careers through online digital media, textbooks, and software programs. A community of like-minded learners who are also changing their lives is just a click away!


Today, over 50 Academy of Learning® campuses, from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, have helped students successfully completed over one million training courses. Depending on the province or territory, program offerings have expanded to Diploma-level and Certificate-level programs in the areas of Accounting, Business, Community Support Worker, Customer Service, Healthcare, Home Inspection, Hospitality, Information Technology, Insurance, Legal, Office Administration, and Web Design.


New programs and courses are continuously being developed to ensure that students receive current skills that will enable them to be successful in the marketplace while working to better their lives.


For more than 30 years, Academy of Learning’s main focal point has always been and continues to be the student. It provides methods of learning that will fulfill students’ needs, as well as the requirements of today’s competitive job market. Academy of Learning® has helped learners successfully complete over one million training courses.

Hear from Academy of Learning® Graduates!

“It is a great pleasure to be a student of the Academy of Learning, Business Administration for 10 months. Being an online student or coming to the school campus for a few months, it helped me a lot with my learning because the manager and staff members are approachable and creative. Rules and regulations are being implemented well. Tools and Facilities for learning are excellent. Environment is clean and safe. So far, overall, I highly recommend AOLCC as an excellent college of diploma.”


- Evelyn G.

"During the pandemic lockdown, I was so depressed. My husband lost his job and my income was not enough to support the family.  I started to look for new jobs and came across the website of Academy of Learning – Lawrence Campus. I found some of the courses in the program interesting and helpful for my job search. After several phone meetings with the Campus Director, and their helpful Administrative Assistant’s, I chose the program Diploma for Medical Receptionist that would best fit my goals and time schedule. They got my funding and all enrolments done without any hassles.   

At the beginning of the program, I was rushing to finish all the practice and exams; all the Learning Coaches patiently explained to me that this is not the way to learn. They guided me to pace down and gave me positive feedbacks when doing well. Not all the courses were easy, but with the help of the Learning Coaches, I overcame them.  They gave me guidance and not answers to the questions, so that I can think through the questions and answer them by myself. They calm me down when I thought I might not be doing well and put me back on the right track. One of the key factors that I can be able to complete my program smoothly, are their working hours as I have part-time jobs and kids to take care. Their availability on weekends and late hours during the weekdays are essentials for me.  

Towards the end of my program, I found an administrative job at a well-known Long-term care facility.  I used my knowledges that I gained from the program to work with the health care providers: nurses, psw, doctors and specialist. I can communicate with them easily and can quickly adapt to the work environment. 

I believe this program has given me a better opportunity to get the job because when I did my job search, it was an essential requirement to have a medical receptionist certificate or diploma to apply for a medical office administration type of job in all medical related organizations."


- Pearlina M.

"When I first started with Academy of Learning at Markham and Lawrence Campus, I had no idea what to expect. For all I know that this was going to be my first official college that I ever applied for in Canada since I have arrived here. The Administrative staff were nice and very reassuring that they will help me in any ways that they can so that I can succeed in my program, which has encouraged me more to pursue the Business Administration Program.  

The learning coaches are knowledgeable and more helpful all the way till the end of your program. They are supportive to the students who needs extra help like me. The staff are accommodating, especially when it comes to flexible hours and ensuring you that you’d get the help you need. Also, friendly because they do care about their student and want them to do well in their courses.

Thanks to Academy of Learning – Markham and Lawrence Campus, I was capable of graduating from my Business Administration Program and have received my Diploma. I never thought I could do it if it wasn’t for the help and support of the learning coaches and the staff that encouraged me to pursue it. I am excited to look forward to being able to use my knowledge and skills that I have gained throughout the program to apply for administration jobs that I could work in.

I recommend the Academy of Learning – Markham and Lawrence Campus to friends and everyone that I know; they provide an excellent flexible study hours and willing to go beyond for their students to help them achieve their goals for new career paths."


- Penny S.

“My experience in the Academy of Learning at Lawrence Campus was amazing! The staff are so friendly and accommodating, especially the receptionist at the front desk. I did not think I would do well in this program until my learning coaches helped me and ensured that I am on track and that I am doing well in my courses. It gave me the confidence that I needed to succeed in my program. The college felt like home and the students were also friendly, very diverse and it was a good environment to be in. I appreciated everyone who has helped me succeed in my program.”


- Lea A.

“I had a great time with the students. The facilitators and the staff are very polite and helpful. The course was good. The campus manager is always present for the student. I love the way they make me feel like I am important and welcomed at the college all the time. They make the college a good place to study at and enjoyable.”


- Olga

“The first time I started college at Academy of Learning, I did not know what to expect. The learning coaches and staff made it a very good experience for me in a way that I was able to learn efficiently and made sure I was doing well in my courses. I love the environment at the Academy of Learning, it was so fun and very welcoming. I enjoyed every moment I had at the college till the day I graduated. I would like to go back to the college and would want to study here at Academy again because of the people in it made it very achieving for me to achieve my goals.”


- Paul

“Academy of Learning Lawrence Campus really helped me succeed and gain confidence that I never had. I have taken overall 2 programs so far at Academy Lawrence Campus. I learned so much from my programs, especially with technologies and computer skills. I have improved my grammar and socializing skills at the college. The staff are very genuine and helpful in many ways. They always ensured that I was doing well in each of my courses and succeeded on time. I recommend this college because they provide excellent services!”


- Yesil C.

My experience at Academy of Learning – Lawrence Campus was fun, encouraging, and teachable! When I first started at the college, I did not have much computer experience at all because I never had the proper tools to learn. I learned things that I never thought I could be capable of doing. They taught me step-by-step in ways I can easily understand, until I was capable to finally do it on my own.


The learning coaches reassured me and made sure that I never got discouraged by the learning process. They were there for me and supportive on days that felt tough and I wasn’t feeling my best. I am grateful for the learning coaches as they helped and supported me so much throughout all the tough times and have continuously kept me on my feet to stay on track of my courses in the program.


I really appreciated their dedication and time that they put towards their students to help them achieve their goals. Thanks to the Academy of Learning – Lawrence Campus, I have successfully graduated from my Customer Service and Information Clerk program with a Diploma, which I never thought I could ever imagine achieving. I would honestly recommend Academy of Learning – Lawrence Campus to friends and family. Overall, the learning coaches and staff are awesome and the most wonderful people I have ever met!


- Amber Matwie

I have been a student with Academy of Learning – Lawrence Campus since last August 2021. I have enjoyed the Business Administration Program very much. The learning coach that I had was extremely helpful throughout this whole process. He has taught me on how to prepare accordingly for my exams, practical exams, and tests ahead of time to ensure I do well on them. They have even helped me during late evenings, whenever I needed extra help to understand certain things in my courses. I have never taken any programs like this before, as my background is teaching.


The Business Administration program has given me the confidence I need to further my career. Besides the learning coaches, there are administration staff who are also supportive and extremely helpful; if it weren’t for them, I would not be enrolled in this program. They guided me in terms of preparation with paperwork, answering any questions that I had and providing those answers without hesitation. They reassured me so many times and did not make me feel like a burden. Therefore, anyone would be lucky to be a part of the Academy of Learning - Lawrence Campus as I am taking everything that I learned and utilizing my new skills to my future career ahead of me.


- Lorraine Grixti

When I came to Canada as a mature professional, I found that even though I had completed many degrees in my home country, I would need to do some Canadian studies.


Without any guidance, I started searching for colleges. Still, none of them adapt to my situation (a busy mom of 3, 4, and 6 years old).

Still wanting to learn and get experience, I finally found AOLCC (Markham and Lawrence Campus) —the perfect solution for me! An excellent and very professional college that lets me take classes at my own pace.

Instructors, coordinators, and facilitators are just fantastic people, not just academically but people who care about you. They all have been with me in my incredible journey, teaching, guiding, cheering, and celebrating my success.

I am proud to say that I completed the Business Administration program with an "honors all subjects" standing diploma and I am a month away from finishing my current program in Graphic designer.

Both programs are fantastic! I highly recommend them. They've opened many doors for me, and my confidence has grown tremendously. I opened my own business that runs 100% virtual, which wasn't even possible before I started taking classes here at AOLCC (Markham and Lawrence Campus).


- Marietta M.

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