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Program Type: Certificate

Anticipated Salary: C$26,776 - C$44,343
(Information from PayScale Canada)

Program Duration: 28 Weeks

Program Notes: Tuition fees include all materials and student manuals. Financial assistance may be available to qualified students.

Program Category: Healthcare

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Program Highlights

Personal Support Workers (PSWs) play a vital role in assisting individuals with daily living activities. They are employed across various settings, including long-term care facilities, home care environments, retirement communities, supportive housing, group homes, adult day centres, hospitals, and schools. The specific services a PSW offers are tailored to the unique requirements of each client, encompassing help with daily living tasks such as personal hygiene, mobility, household management, preparing meals, caring for family members, and facilitating social and leisure activities. As essential frontline healthcare providers, PSWs need to possess a wide array of skills beyond mere technical ability. They are responsible for ensuring the comfort, safety, and overall well-being of their clients, while also treating them with utmost respect and sensitivity. The demeanor, skills, and approach of PSWs are crucial to the health and happiness of the individuals they serve.

  • Integrated Learning System
    The secret of our student's success comes from training with the Academy of Learning Career College's exclusive Integrated Learning™ System. Available only at the Academy of Learning Career College, the Integrated Learning™ System has helped our graduates complete over one million training courses. In today's corporate sector, everyone is looking for a competitive advantage. Here's how the Integrated Learning™ System can give you the edge:
  • Individual assistance
    One-on-one facilitation instruction and monitoring support are provided by trained facilitators available on-site.
  • Student-focused training
    We've shifted the focus from teaching and put it where it belongs, on learning. Recognizing that every person is an individual, the Integrated Learning™ System is effective and flexible enough to fit your particular learning needs.
  • Tailored for learning success
    ILS uses a competency-based, building-block approach, steadily increasing learners' skill level and allowing them to practice and apply what they have learned in authentic, real-world situations and settings. The Integrated Learning System’s listening, reading, viewing, and hands-on tasks, combined with the personalized, one-on-one support learners receive from a qualified facilitator, is a recipe for success.
  • Competency-based learning
    Each lesson contains a clearly defined objective and assesses the understanding of the content. If you do not fully comprehend the lesson, you can repeat it before moving on to the next one.
  • Learn at your own pace
    Our exclusive Integrated Learning™ System allows you to learn at your own pace within your flexible, committed guidelines. There's no need to keep pace with other students.
  • No computer or special skills Required
    We can start you at the right level with whatever skills you have when you enroll. Academy of Learning Career College will provide you with the learning tools you need.
  • Start immediately
    You can start right away and begin learning immediately.

Personal Support Worker (PSW) Certificate at Scarborough’s Academy of Learning®

  • Completion of Grade 12 or equivalent (or Wonderlic BST with a cut score of 365 for verbal and 265 for quantitative)

  • 19 years of age or older 

  • NACC Technical literacy exam with a minimum score of 18 out of a possible 30 marks

  • Medical Certificate (Immunization Form)

  • Signed Disclaimer for Students in program Leading to Work with Vulnerable Sectors

  • Clear Police Check of Criminal Record or a full pardon

  • Adequate level of physical health to be able to fulfill job requirements

  • Good command of the English language – both written and verbal

Admission Requirements

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