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5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Career

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Seeing the future may be impossible, but if you don’t take some time to think about your career, you might not have one. Your job could be very different - or even nonexistent if you don’t take action. And if you don’t have a diploma, degree, or certificate, you’re at risk of your job being automated. Luckily, you can future-proof your career, and we’ve got 5 tips for doing just that! 1. Have a Global Mindset More than ever, businesses are operating on a global scale, across many different cultures and time zones. You need to understand what trends are occurring in your field, both locally and abroad. Having an international mindset keeps you open-minded about your career path. If you understand that the trend is automating your position, or that your current skill set is outdated, then you can pivot into a new position or acquire the skills needed to stay relevant. 2. Expand and Develop Your Skills It may seem obvious that you need to develop skills to future-proof your career, but it’s not as straightforward as you may think. You need to develop the right skills. Learn transferable skills that other employers desire. Don’t ignore soft skills either. Communication, leadership, conflict management, and stress management are skills that are applicable across any industry, and unlike technical skills, can’t be automated. Our Integrated Learning System (ILS) can teach you both the technical skills you need to succeed as well as help you with your time management skills. 3. Be Tech Savvy How we work is always changing. You may not have been around to witness the industrial revolution firsthand, but you’re aware of its significance. However, the industrial revolution never stopped. Electronics and automation have already changed how industries work, and now experts call the impending revolution Industry 4.0. Industrial 4.0 continues automation and optimization, but also adds sensors to analyze data on the factory floor, A.I. for intelligent manufacturing, and cloud monitoring for quality control purposes. Every part of the production process will be impacted by technology - which means you better be tech-savvy. That’s why AOLCC offers Information Technology programs, like our Network Administrator program. 4. Keep Your Professional Network Relevant It’s impossible to overstate the importance of personal connections when it comes to finding jobs. You can use social media sites like LinkedIn and attend industry events for networking opportunities, but that doesn’t mean you will have a strong network. It may not have the most contacts, but it has quality contacts that are relevant to your career. Be genuine when building connections. Don’t immediately ask for a favour or attempt to sell your products. 5. Embrace Change Finally, you need to have the mindset that change is inevitable and constant. If you can be adaptable and resilient, and understand that change will happen, your career path will be a successful one. Future Proof Your Career With AOLCC Scarborough Are you ready to future-proof your career? AOLCC is part of the Academy of Learning, one of the largest career college networks in Canada. AOLCC’s many programs offer personalised and affordable learning opportunities that let you learn at your own pace. Our Integrated Learning System puts students in charge of their education while providing personalized support. Ready to enroll? You can give us a call at 416-499-7994, or fill out our request form for more info on AOLCC’s programs.


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